Voter Registration Drives

Host a voter registration drive at your church and/or other churches

  • Contact the pastor and ask permission to hold a voter registration drive on a specific Sunday.
  • Ask if you can make an announcement about Be My Vote or ask if someone will make an announcement on your behalf.
  • Ask permission to show the Be My Vote video.  If you’re church doesn’t have internet and you must download the video, make arrangements for the church’s technical director to download the video by having him/her email us at:
  • Ask if you can put an insert in the bulletin.
  • Arrange for a table to be set up in the lobby.
  • Download a voter registration form.  Make as many copies as you think you will need.
  • Pre-address individual envelopes made out to the office where completed forms must be sent.  Download this Voter Registration Manual to find the mailing info for your state. (NOTE – Do not mail all the completed forms in one large envelope. Many states do not allow this.  To be sure we are complying with state regulations, the forms must be mailed individually. You will give each person a pre-addresses envelope and ask them to mail their own form.)
  • Print a copy of the “I Registered” form. Write your name on the form LARGE and preferably with a Sharpie.
  • Every time a person registers at the table, make sure they sign the “I Registered” form. After your voter registration drive, take a picture of it with  your phone or digital camera and email it to  Be sure your name is written large in a corner of the form.
  • When a person fills out a voter registration form, put it in one of the pre-addressed envelopes, give it to the person, and ask them to please mail it.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  If an adult tells you he or she is not pro-life but wants to register to vote, be polite and allow him/her to register at the table.

For voter registration drives at Christian bookstores, colleges or concerts, get permission to set up a table on a specific day, and follow the steps above.

Christian Schools Idea 1: 100% Registered Campaign.

Make sure all of the teachers and staff at your Christian school are registered to vote! 

  • Ask your principal for permission to hold a 100% Registered Campaign at your school.
  • Set a day for a voter registration drive.
  • Put up flyers around the school and put a flyer in each teacher’s mailbox.
  • Let your teachers know you are making it a goal to have 100% of them registered to vote.
  • Get permission to speak at a school assembly or during start-of-the-day announcements.  Be sure to use the opportunity to recruit other students for Be My Vote, too.
  • See “Host a voter registration drive at your church” above for instructions about obtaining and submitting forms.
  • Set up a table for voter registration in the teacher’s lounge on the scheduled day.
  • You won’t be able to man the table all day, so create a sign with instructions asking teachers to fill out a registration form and sign the “I Registered” form.
  • Take a picture with your phone or digital camera and email it to  Be sure your name is written large on the form, and that the image is not blurry (sometimes flash can help).  You’ll get points for everyone who signs the “I Registered” form.

Christian Schools Idea 2: Parent Registration Campaign

  • Ask permission to set up a voter registration table on Parent/Teacher Night , PTA/PTO meeting, football game, basketball game, volleyball game, school play, etc .
  • Ask permission to make an announcement at the event.
  • Set up a table and take voter registrations. (See instructions under “Host a voter registration drive at your church” above.)
  • If you can’t host a registration drive for parents, get permission to send home a flyer with every student, asking parents to register at  Be sure to include your name.
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