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Why should you get your youth group involved?

We believe it’s important to start getting the pro life youth of our nation involved and engaged in a meaningful campaign that will help them understand the importance of one vote.  Christians in this nation must rise up and let their voices be heard in the political debate on abortion.  It’s easy to get your youth group involved - AND YOUR GROUP CAN WIN CASH PRIZES!


Okay, I want to join…now what?

Step 1: Signup your youth group.

Step 2: Show this video to your youth group and send around a signup sheet for those that would like to be involved.

Step 3: Start making plans to host a voter registration drive at your church, other churches in the community, a local Christian school, Christian book store, Christian concert, etc.

Helpful video: Show this video at your church on the day you plan on hosting a voter registration drive.



Youth Groups that earn the greatest number of points will win cash prizes that can be used for missions, ministry, or a party for the group!

  • First Prize – $500
  • Second Prize – $250
  • Third Prize – $100
  • Runners-up – 5 groups will receive $50 each


How does my youth group earn points?

Easy, for every person that your youth group gets registered to vote, your group will earn 10 points. You can log how many people sign up at your registration drive by printing off the “I Registered” form (you can find instructions for this in the link from step 3 above).

If someone would rather fill out the registration form online, he or she can do so at by clicking on “Register to Vote”.  When they are filling out the voter registration form, in the “Referral” field they should use the name of the youth leader that signed the group up and your group will automatically receive 10 points.



Email us at or call 877-281-1128


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